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Sign the Manifesto

We've never had a real opportunity to change the current unsustainable system. Alone we tried and failed. Now we can

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Become a Member

Receive an NFT membership card – the symbol of belonging to a powerful movement fighting for a better future for all

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Access Gigs

The Earth Angels will have access to curated gigs from impact organizations that are advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


We are a generation of thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

We believe that change is possible, and that together, we can create a better world.

We are changemakers, and we are tired of seeing corporations prioritize profit over people and the planet during tough times.

But we refuse to accept this as the status quo.

We believe that it's time for a new way of thinking.

A way that puts people and the planet first.

We are joining a movement that is using the power of our collective voice to demand that corporations maintain their commitment to social and environmental responsibility, regardless of economic conditions.

We believe that this is our moment.

We are not just consumers, we are change-makers. We are not just followers, we are leaders. We are not just dreamers, we are doers.

We are Earth Angels and together we can create a better future for all.

Finally, an impact NFT with strong fundamentals

What’s an Earth Angel ?
Your Earth Angel is a personalized digital avatar that serves as your membership card to access our gated marketplace and community of changemakers. As an Earth Angel, you join a movement to defend our planet and take on the fight against greedy businesses. With your membership card, you unlock three key abilities: purpose, power, and perks.
- Purpose: Your Earth Angel empowers you to live by your values and make a positive impact on the world.
- Power: You'll be connected to a global community of like-minded people, giving you the power to effect change on a larger scale.

- Perks: As a member, you'll receive immediate access to exclusive rewards from ethical brands, and long-term value based on your participation in the community, your contribution to the world, and the platform success
Why NFTs ?

We utilize NFT technology for its revolutionary potential. Beyond the speculative bubble, NFTs have practical applications to enhance our ecosystem.

What are their benefits ?

Ownability – with NFT ownership, you are not just a passive supporter of sustainable practices but an active investor in the project. Enjoy the platform benefits and feel the empowerment of being part of a community with a shared stake in the future.

Distinctive Identity - The NFT goes beyond a simple password or membership key, serving as a visual representation of your beliefs and belonging to a community.


Effortless Access - Simply connect your digital wallet for seamless access.


Empowering Governance - Your NFT grants you a voice and the ability to vote on important decisions.

Unrivaled Security & Transparency - The blockchain's encryption and unalterable nature make it the world's most secure database. All transactions are recorded immutably and time-stamped, providing a complete history of each transaction and minimizing the possibility of fraud.

Is it customizable ?

Your unique digital avatar can be customized with your face. It demonstrates your commitment to making a positive impact, earning you the title of Earth Angel

Is it tradable ?

You could ... but would you trade your Passport or ID? Exactly what I thought.

Access Offers

Immediate access to curated exclusive Token-Gated Offers


Connect with a global network of influential changemakers


Vote on important issues, and connect with corporate leaders

Avatar NFT

Personalized Earth Angel avatar as your badge of belonging

Drive Impact

Make a measurable positive impact on the world

Profit Share

Long-term profit-sharing for equitable return on your investment

Our Mission

Make purpose, profitable.

Our Goal

Create an Army of
25 million Earth Angels

Creating an ecosystem that incentivizes giving a damn
We believe that GenZ and Millennials are the generations that will change the world. There are about 370 million GenZ and Millennials in North-America. 25 million is a critical number based of diffusion of innovations theory that would allow us to generate a positive snow ball effect to lead to a generational mindset shift towards sustainable living. United we’ll win.

Backed by Antler VC


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Pre-seed (Toronto 1 Cohort)


Join Earth
Angels waitlist

Help us in tailoring your perks and tracking responsible brands
The last questions are optional. If you answer them, we'll move you up on the waitlist to say thank you. Alternatively, click 'Join Waitlist'
The last questions are optional. If you answer them, we'll move you up on the waitlist to say thank you. Alternatively, click 'Join Waitlist'

Sign the Manifesto

Congratulation! You're now in the Earth Angels waitlist. Join our Discord, stay tuned for news, and participate in our community initiatives to move to the top and gain early access to your custom Earth Angel!

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